“Maraud? Bah. As if can be motivated by your filthy lucre. I’m an artist!”

Trolls are the dreamers and artisans of orc society, which likely explains the smell. Many practice the culinary arts to a high degree, and particularly enjoy strong spices and pungent herbs (which further explains the smell). Trolls participated in Arcadia’s capture hoping for a ready supply of their favorite food: human flesh. It’s generally easy enough to come by in the wilds, as one must simply wait in a dungeon for the next band of fool adventurers to wander by, but that form of ‘ambush shopping’ is fairly random. They’d have preferred a functioning marketplace, with all varieties of human on display. Alas, Lord Fang banished the humans, and the hapless trolls are stuck waiting for random adventurers to wander in again. That explains their bad temper.

Troll miniature
Troll profile card