Schmetterling the Troll

“Note the bouquet, sweet like spring rain with that slight hint of copper one only gets from aged human blood.”

Schmetterling is arguably the most fearsome and savage vintner in the world. He likes the spiciest food, and the strongest wine. So strong, in fact, that he’s taken to brewing his own. Unlike the other trolls, he has no problems with the current lack of human stock in Arcadia. He collected as many bodies as possible after the invasion, and is letting them ‘age appropriately’. While he waits for his latest batch to ferment, Schmetterling spends his time collecting and crafting intricate and fragile curios. His house is decorated like any china shop. Minotaurs are not allowed to visit.

Schmetterling the Troll miniature
Schmetterling the Troll profile card