Orc Marauder

“Marauding in the morning,
Marauding in the evening,
Marauding at supper-time…”
--Orc Hymn

It can be argued that orcs are, by and large, the happiest race in the world today. They were made to maraud, and it’s all they do. With the relatively recent conquest of Arcadia, their marauding culture has taken a huge leap forward. Not only is Arcadia a much nicer place to live than their caves in the Midnight Mountains, the ease-of-access to commonplace goods and services has led to a ‘Maraud & Barter’ economy. No longer are orcs dependent on other nations for their marauding needs. Thus, the orcs are loathe to give up their newfound self-sufficiency, and will fight fiercely to keep their conquered city!

Orc Marauder miniature
Orc Marauder profile card