Hammer Beastman

“Just look at that wall! I wonder how they fit the stones together. Let’s break it down and find out!”

Beastmen were not created by the gods. They were made in the distant past by the mad wizard known only as ‘Madgi’, ostensibly as a form of cheap labor. But, Madgi, while a brilliant wizard, never considered logistics. Beastmen are big, strong, and tough, and need exactly as much food and pay as any human. And the hammers they wield can knock down walls just as well as they build them up. Modern beastmen have sided with the orcs in their conquest of Arcadia, largely to study human construction and dwellings. And also to maraud, because who doesn’t like a little free loot from time to time?

Hammer Beastman miniature
Hammer Beastman profile card