“Do you like my new coat? It’s my complete delight.”

Greensleeves has two pleasures in life: the sound of an arrow crossing the air, and the feel of fresh cotton against his skin. A native from the Daylight Woods, Greensleeves is an enthusiastic orc hunter and an avid tailor, who is very picky with the quality of the arrows he uses and of the cotton he sews. His aim, either with an arrow or a needle, is legendary. Greensleeves descends from an ancient line of Blond Elves, where honesty and honor are sacred, knowledge and tradition are passed from one generation to the next, and the length of the hair shows how long one intends to stay single. He dreams one day of sewing via archery, but the thread proves problematic to aerodynamic efficiency.

Greensleeves miniature
Greensleeves profile card