Bullroarer the Minotaur

“The key is to practice with a book balanced on your horns.”

Bullroarer earned his readmission to minotaur society in the invasion of Arcadia. He’d been ambushed by heroes on his way to the Minos Gala many years before, and, in the scuffle, he’d tarnished his horns. Naturally, he cleaned up before resuming his journey, but, lacking a proper mirror, he missed a spot. The incident rocked minotaur society, and he was banished. When the general call went out for invasion forces, he signed on with the orcs, and singlehandedly battled half a Sunguard regiment without even mussing his hair. Such a feat of martial poise earned his immediate redemption.

Bullroarer the Minotaur miniature
Bullroarer the Minotaur profile card